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Celebrate Saxophone Day

Ahhh, the Saxophone. That sultry wail on a mist-ridden street, the seductive tones of Kenny G, and the rich warm sound of a jazzy riff. These sounds truly capture the heart and imagination of their listeners, and have since the instrument first came on the scene. From professional musicians like the jazz legend Johnny Hodges, to Bill Clinton, the former president of the United States, the Saxophone knows no boundaries of class or race. If you’ve never really taken the time to enjoy the beautiful music of this instrument, Saxophone Day is your time to indulge.

History of Saxophone Day

The Saxophone is a woodwind instrument that was developed by a second generation Belgian instrument designer by the name of Adolphe Sax in 1846. His goal was to create the most powerful and adaptable brass woodwind instrument to fill the perceived gap between their respective sections. While it was initially developed to be used in classical music, the diversity of the saxophone has found its way into just about every type of music you can imagine.

From its creation, there have been multiple derivations of the saxophone, from the Alto (being the most common) all the way up the scale to the Sopranissimo (a very high pitched instrument) all the way down to the Subcontrabass (the deepest throated of the saxophones). Though developed to be the balancing point between brass and woodwind instruments, the saxophone is classified, officially, as a woodwind.

Covid – Illustrations

The COVID-19 crisis brought the world to a stop! We paused to save lives.

Joke of the Day

“Why did you divide sin by tan?”
“Just cos.”


When you divide sinus (sin) by tangent (tan), you get cosine (cos).

Scientists around the world are trying hard to develop a safe and effective coronavirus vaccine that can save us from the pandemic. Many early trials show promise. Most still fail.

Word of the Day


noun: A rogue; an adventurer.

From Spanish picaro (rogue). Earliest documented use: 1622. Also see picaresque and picaroon.

“Too often his bedeviling qualities get passed over as the colorful traits of a picaro.”
Lee Siegel; The Tower of Babel; The Nation (New York); Nov 17, 2005.

Luxury for one, misery for the other. People with money rush to stock up due to which essential items run dry in some places and the poor are left helpless.

Idiom of the Day

What does ‘All hell broke loose’ mean?

When all hell breaks loose, there is chaos, confusion and trouble.


This Day in History

1789 – Father John Carroll was appointed as the first Roman Catholic bishop in the United States of America.

1814 – Adolphe (Antoine) Sax, the inventor of the saxophone and saxotromba, was born.

1860 – Abraham Lincoln was elected to be the sixteenth president of the United States.

1894 – William C. Hooker received a patent for the mousetrap.

1923 – Jacob Schick was granted a patent for the electric shaver.

1967 – Phil Donahue began a TV talk show in Dayton, OH. The show was on the air for 29 years.

1990 – About 20% of the Universal Studios backlot in southern California was destroyed in an arson fire.

1995 – Mark Messier scored his 500th NHL goal.

2001 – Disney’s “Mickey’s Magical Christmas – Snowed In at the House Of Mouse” was released on video and DVD.

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If You Were Born Today, November 6

You are a dynamic, passionate person who has a lot to give, but who also expects the same level of commitment in return. You are determined to follow through on your own commitments and responsibilities, and you generally do what it takes to achieve your goals. Your charisma sets you apart from others, and you find that others quite easily respect you. Willing to help out, but never a pushover, you know your limits and you don’t have much trouble communicating them. You are somewhat of a perfectionist, and your tendency to try to control things is most apparent in your career and on the home front. You are an executive, but you also know the value of teamwork and charm, so you don’t come on too strong. Your distaste for the superficial is marked. Famous people born today:

15 Agrippina the Younger [Julia Agrippina], Roman Empress (sister of Caligula, wife of Claudius, mother of Nero), born in Oppidum Ubiorum (Cologne) (d. 59)

1854 John Philip Sousa, march king (Stars & Stripes Forever), born in Washington, D.C.

1861 James Naismith, Canadian-American physical educator and inventor (basketball, football helmet), born in Almonte, Ontario (d. 1939)

1946 Sally Field, American actress (Forrest Gump, Gidget, Flying Nun), born in Pasadena, California

1948 Glenn Frey, American rock vocalist (Eagles-Take it Easy), born in Detroit, Michigan (d. 2016)

1988 Emma Stone, American actress (The Amazing Spider-Man, La La Land), born in Scottsdale, Arizona

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Nov 6, 1940 –

On this day in 1940, the middle section of the Tacoma 

Narrows Bridge in Washington state collapsed during a 
42 mph windstorm. The suspension bridge had opened 
to traffic on July 1, 1940. The collapse had lasting 

effects on science and engineering.


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Nov 7 –
Hug A Bear Day

For the safety of all: DO NOT go out there today and try to hug a Grizzly Bear! Nope, today is all about cuddling your cute fluffy teddy bears. Regardless of how old you are, or what walk of life you come from, you’re going to have a teddy bear handy, so today give it a big hug!

Nov 8, 1935 –

The film Mutiny on the Bounty, starring a mustache-less Clark Gable (as Fletcher Christian) and Franchot Tone (as Roger Byam), was released. During the film, which was based on a real incident, the HMS Bounty was captained by William Bligh (played by Charles Laughton), a cruel captain who administers excessively harsh discipline. Bligh’s treatment leads to a mutiny, and he is set adrift in a boat with rations and those sailors who are still loyal to him. The mutineers return to Tahiti along with Byam, who was on the ship but not aware of the mutiny. Byam ends up remaining on the island when the Bountyleaves and boards the British ship HMS Pandora, which, ironically, was by then captained by Bligh. Bligh has Byam imprisoned and he is later found guilty of mutiny but pardoned by the King after describing Bligh’s treatment. Meanwhile, Christian and the mutineers take the Bounty to an uninhabited island. The film won the Academy Award for Best Picture. Clark Gable, Charles Laughton and Franchot Tone were all nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor — although the honor went to Victor McLaglen for his performance in The Informer that year. The story was also made into a 1962 movie of the same title, starring Marlon Brando as Christian, and a 1984 movie called The Bounty, starring Mel Gibson.

Coronavirus Style by Sylvia, CAN DO Correspondent
This baby blanket would be a great hand-made shower gift for a mom-to-be and her bundle of joy. 

Finished size is approximately 28 inches (71cm) wide by approximately 30 inches (76 cm) long 

Broken Rib Pattern Stitch (multiple of 2 stitches + 1)
Row 1 (RS): Knit
Row 2: Purl
Row 3: (K1, p1, k1)
Row 4: (P1, k1, p1)

Using 3.75mm (US 5) size needles, cast on 175 stitches.  
Purl two rows
R1:  RS:  K3, knit to last 3 sts, k3.
R2:  WS: K3, purl to last 3 sts, k3
R3:  RS:  K3, (k1, p1, k1) to last 3 sts, k3
R4:  WS: K3, (p1, k1, p1) to last 3 sts, k3

Repeat rows 1 to 4 until almost all the 7 balls have been used up, leaving enough yarn for the last 4 rows of your blanket.  Depending on your gauge, it takes approximately 5 times the width of your blanket to knit one row.

R1:  RS:  K3, knit to last 3 sts, k3.
R2:  WS: K3, purl to last 3 sts, k3
R3:  RS: purl to end of row
R4:  WS:  Cast off knitwise

Sew in all loose ends.

Putting on a mask every day before you go out is like a ritual, like putting on a uniform, and in ritual behavior, you feel you have to live up to what the uniform stands for, which is more hygienic behavior like not touching your face or avoiding crowded places and social distancing.

Nikola Tesla once paid for a hotel bill with a ‘death ray’.

As most people know, Nikola Tesla was a) a genius and b) dirt-poor. So when his hotel bill was overdue, he gave the employees a ‘death beam’ contained in a box. He told employees not to open the box due to the danger, so it was forgotten about. When it was rediscovered and opened it contained only old, harmless electrical parts.

Sometimes earthquakes naturally cause lights to appear.

Previously believed to be caused by birds, planes, and sometimes UFOs – these natural lights are actually caused by the electrical properties of certain rocks in certain settings. They can appear as many different types of colors and shapes.

The compound used to make dynamite is used for treating heart problems.

Nitroglycerin, the thing dynamite is made from, is used to treat problems like lack of blood flow to the heart. Fun Fact: It is also used to treat heart attacks in Emergency Rooms.

The German Government thanked David Bowie for helping break down the Berlin Wall.

This was because Bowie’s iconic performance of his hit-song Heroes was hailed as a catalyst to the Berlin Wall being demolished. Upon his death in 2016, the German Government issued a statement thanking David Bowie for helping bring down the wall.

You can get a McDonald’s Gold Card that entitles you to free food for life.

Amongst the members of this very exclusive club are Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. Another man with a Gold Card is everyday hero Charles Ramsey, who ditched his half-eaten Big Mac to rescue three kidnapped women.

For many people, fear of the disease may be worse than the disease itself. A large number of people who are overly distressed or anxious about their health are seen making excessive health-related searches, which makes them even more distressed. This stress can cause elevated blood pressure, headaches, muscle tension, and a weakened immune system.


“Interweave Knits” – Fall 2019

The coronavirus pandemic forces poor people to wait in long lines to get food for their survival.

Pictures of the Day

Cirsium vulgare is a species of thistle in the plant family 

Asteraceae. Native to Europe and Western Asia, it has become

naturalised in North America, Africa and Australia, and is an 

invasive weed in some areas. It is a ruderal species, able to 

colonise bare ground, but also persists well on pasture as its 

thorny leaves and stems make it unpalatable to most grazing 

animals. The flowers are rich in nectar, attracting bees and 

butterflies, and the seeds are a favourite with goldfinches

linnets and greenfinches. The downy pappus, which assists in 

wind dispersal of the seeds, is used by birds as nest-lining 


Barcelona Opera Reopens to a Packed Crowd of House Plants

These are strange times we are living in

Distance means so little when life means so much.

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The Boho Scarf

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Sweater Succession


Happy Cat Knit Pullover


Star Style Cardigan

knit .. Christmas

Santa’s Laundry Line pattern by Eleonore von Castelmur

Work from home is likely to be the new normal in the post-novel coronavirus world.

Knit Patterns of the Day: 
thanks, Valerie, Canadian Correspondent

1950s Bed Jacket

Pins And Needles Daisy Sweater from 1972

As the darkness of the pandemic undermines humanity, we’d better learn to be stronger than ever before.

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Rotunda Cat’s house with a detachable roof

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Easy Crochet Throw Pillow



Rectangular Crochet Basket Pattern Using T-Shirt Yarn

crochet .. Christmas

The coronavirus pandemic is creating a food crisis for those already struggling with food scarcity. Please don’t waste food and think before you throw food away that someone is sleeping an empty stomach.

thanks, Shelley, New York Food Correspondent

Was it a mistake that got out of control?

Quarantine Cooking Recipes

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Roasted Tomato, Chickpea, and Swiss Chard Soup Recipe

Doctors, nurses, and medical staff around the world are on the front lines in the fight against coronavirus. They have been working day and night wearing PPE suits. Wearing PPE for long periods of time results in headaches, rashes, breathing difficulties, hypoxia, and much more. By the time their shift ends, they are drenched in sweat.


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Change can’t be made within panic. The sudden announcement of lockdown was the reason behind their panic.


Both vegetarian and vegan diets may provide health benefits, including reduced body weight, lower cholesterol levels, and decreased risk of cardiovascular disease. However, it is important for vegetarians and vegans to ensure that they are meeting all of their nutritional requirements.

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It took so long, but now, victory is not so far. Every time a new problem rises, it gives an opportunity to humankind to unite and face it together. In every battle, we push ourselves beyond our limit to become stronger, smarter, and braver than ever before.

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It’s hard to stop the spread of coronavirus because symptoms can show up in as few as 2 days or as many as 14. It varies from person to person. According to new research, 40 percent of people with coronavirus infections have no symptoms at all.

SWEETS .. Thanksgiving

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Impact – At the extremes of the earth!


The economic fallout from the pandemic looks to be one of the biggest shocks in generations.


Paul Gauguin

Millions of jobs have been threatened due to the spread of coronavirus globally. Companies and firms have been forced to cut thousands of jobs every day.


A preemptive action plan implemented to address an unusual scenario or a weakness in the system to preempt any danger to ensure the safety and security of people.


How to Decoupage Vintage Comic Books Onto Slate Coasters


CHILDREN’S CORNER .. Thanksgiving

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Fun Last-Minute Thanksgiving Crafts You Can Make Together! 

You could be spreading the coronavirus without realizing you’ve got it!


Candy Quarters Jigsaw Puzzle

Mom Sweet Mom



















SUDOKU .. hard


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You can use ‘ice breaker questions’ to build a rapport, enabling strangers to engage in back and forth conversion. With a little practice and possibly a beer or two, you’ll be breaking more ice than the Titanic. 

If You Were To Create A Slogan For Your Life, What Would The Slogan Be?

Girls’ Night Out


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Are YOU staying home?



10 Things You Can Actually Clean With Coca-Cola

People of the World Unite! We can beat this virus

The Strangest Thanksgiving Traditions Ever

Victory over the virus is inevitable! 

NO to Corona! Even if someone offers politely


I don’t think that combat has ever been written about truthfully; it has always been described in terms of bravery and cowardice. I won’t even accept these words as terms of human reference any more. And anyway, hell, they don’t even apply to what, in actual fact, modern warfare has become. -James Jones, novelist (6 Nov 1921-1977)

The World Needs You! …To stay home…and to wash your hands…



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